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Website Design

We designs and build professional websites on WordPress. With technology changing at such a fast pace keeping up with it can be challenging. We stay on the cutting edge of change when it comes to the internet. What is vital to your website is functionality, having relevant and persuasive content, presentation, call-to-action which in turn is essential to search. Your website will be optimize and mobile ready!


We build each website for search, known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We research keywords and phrases that are most used by people who search for your product or service. We then implement those words into your content so when people search for something in particular or specific you can be found within Google or Bing or the search engines in general. So, yes, content is King.

Online Video

“Videos are 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of search results”. It is not so much about saying ALL the right things about your service or product as it is enticing interest, a little mystery, and being very clear about what you want to say in a short amount of time to your target audience. Pure Media Marketing believes video is essential.

Market Research

Knowing who you want to target is crucial to your message. Pure Media Marketing will create a market analysis of who is in your market or in the community you serve. Knowing who you want to reach will make your marketing message or communication less of a daunting task then trying to reach everyone. Everyone will not respond to your message like your target audience.

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